Neon Signs for Your Wedding

better together neon sign

Neon signs are one of the best ways to add style and brighten up your wedding. In this article, I’ll outline some of the best ways that you can put neon to use at your own wedding! But first, let’s outline how to make your neon stand out and WOW your guests!

Less is More

One of the biggest mistakes that wedding planners make when organising the decorations for a wedding is going overboard with the decoration. You’ll want to find a balanced level between ‘minimal and downstated’ and ‘over the top and exaggerated’. After all, it is your wedding and the worst thing that could happen is an excessive light up neon sign stealing the show!

it was always you neon sign

By keeping the neon sign minimal, you’ll allow the sign to do its job – light up your wedding in an attractive and stylish way! Minimalism also ties into the colour of the neon. Try to stick with just one or two colours, and keep them similar. The best neon colours for weddings would have to be those that are associated with romance and fun like pink, red, and yellow. The most popular colour is white, which also keeps the neon sign stylish and classy.

Get Creative

Its your wedding so why not go all in and express yourselves! Design your neon sign to pertain to your own style. Get inspired with a range of different fonts – you’ll be surprised how much fonts can make a difference in the décor. We recommend cursive fonts for a chic and fun style, or all-capital fonts to make your sign bold and clear.

emirates neon
emirates neon

Expressing yourself also means going all out with the colours! We said above that using light and warm colours is the safe option, but if you’ve got a themed wedding or if you just love a certain colour, then why not just pick one that suits your theme – choose from bright green to hot pink. You’ll also find that colours can also be matched to different backgrounds, so make sure to experiment and find the style you like!

Make it Personal

What’s the point in ordering a custom neon sign if it isn’t personal? Get creative and use your initials, favourite quotes, or own designs – we can make literally anything come to life with our neon!

Hashtag your Photos

One of the great things about custom neon signs is being able to choose what they say. Make your sign super personal and custom for your wedding bu using your own hashtag. Create the hashtag on social media and we’ll convert it to your own neon sign ready to be attached on the wall, or hung from the ceiling. The beauty of hashtags is that once your guests start to post pictures of your wedding on social media, you can easily find them all just by filtering using the hashtag. Just make sure to tell your guests to use it before posting!

better together neon sign

Guide the Guests

Especially for big weddings, you won’t want any guests getting lost! Use the power of neon to guide your guests around the event; use arrows, words, and even symbols to make sure your guests know where they’re going. Some of our most popular wedding neons are actually used for directions, so we know how important herding the guests is!

Photo Backdrops

Neon signs also look great as photobooth backdrops. We’ll include your custom neon sign with its own remote dimmer, so you’ll be able to modify the brightness to match the style you’re looking for. We frequently partner with dubaineon who create stunning sequin walls in hundreds of colours and finishes. Our custom neon signs look amazing when paired with a sequin wall, so make sure to look into dubaineon for your every backdrop needs!

emirates neon
emirates neon

Brighten up the Dance Floor

I think we can all agree that the dance floor is where most of the fun happens at the wedding night, right? Make sure it is up to standard with a custom wedding neon sign made just for the disco night. At Emirates Neon, we also provide animated neon, which will further bring life to the party. Our neon can change colour on the fly; flash between different colour patterns; and fade between shades. Learn more about our animate neon here.

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