Neon signs can be hung almost anywhere in your home! So, why not consider this unique style of art as a way to add both light and colour to your home? Whether you are looking for a touch of humour with a quote, a sentimental piece of bespoke art, or a simple image to add a pop of colour to a dull room. At Neon Creations we have been designing and creating neon art for domestic clients since 2005. Creating a portfolio we are incredibly proud of.

We work with a range of bright and fun colours, from pops of blue to alluring reds and stand out yellow. A neon sign created using a range of bright colour palettes could make for the perfect addition to a room in your house which is in dire need of a pop of colour. Creating the ideal conversation starter when welcoming guests into your home.

Humorous sayings or messages of love

As well as adding a visual pop of colour and light to brighten the space in your home, your choice of art could make for a real stand out addition. Why not brighten the mood in your home with a comedic quote or saying or a touching quote as a daily reminder of the love in your family. Neon signs offer a unique and fun way of doing this.

What’s the cost?

With the addition of a neon sign in your home, you may be wondering what this will cost you in terms of electricity usage. You’ll be pleased to know that most of the neon signs we create in our workshop use less than 100 Watts of illumination, with many using less than 60.This is the typical wattage of a domestic light bulb. So, it is unlikely you will see a dramatic hike in your electricity bill. The neon tubing within our signs typically lasts for at least 10 years, meaning you can enjoy your neon art for years to come!

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